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Microblading & Semi Permanent Make Up Artist Norwich


About Me

Hi, I am Max Epure, Semi - Permanent Makeup Artist based in Norwich, Norfolk. I was trained by Phibrows Academy, one of best academy in the world for Microblading technique.

I am a natural perfectionist and specialize in detailed Hair Stroke Eyebrow work. I’m a qualified Phibrows Microblading artist and Semi Permanent Make Up Artist.

Having both a creative and artistic skilled background, I realized semi permanent makeup was an industry that would suit me. I’ve travelled the world and train with the best in the business to ensure my Eyebrow skills are at its best, you never stop learning in this wonderful industry.

I am by nature, warm and down to earth. I place high value on listening to my clients by understanding their needs. I will then advice them on what I think would be the most suitable look for them. My goal as a professional is to make women feel better about themselves through the practice of Microblading treatment. Spending quality time and giving clients my full attention is crucial to me. Therefore, I do not rush my job and aim to work with the clients’ natural features to compliment their existing look, rather than working against it. I believe that this is what makes my semi-permanent makeup treatment distinct from others in my area, making it the best.

I am located in Norwich, inside of Beau Hair and Beauty Salon.  All of my clients receive a full consultation, prior to any treatment. Working in the beauty industry is very rewarding. By helping women boost their confidence and self-esteem, I feel fortunate to be working in this field and love my job. I hope to one-day work with you!

For all inquiries regarding Microblading, please call or text 
Microblading MaxxBeauty
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Phone: 07476 809588